Pockindo™ SandBlank

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Love spending time on the beach but hate the sand that goes all over your towel? The SandBlank is a blanket that lets you relax on the beach without any sand on your blanket. The two separate dual-weave layers allow sand and other particles just run through the layer, while preventing sand to come up again from underneath the blanket.

The real genius behind one of these special beach mats, which were originally developed for military use, is that they actually consist of two separate dual-weave layers.

So any sand that happens to accumulate on the mat will quickly disappear through to the other side in an instant, creating a sand-free environment in which to relax, and if there does happen to be any large lumps of sand, you can simply rub the sand into the mat with your hand and watch it disappear.

Size: 90x130cm

*colors might differ

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