Pockindo™ CozyHood

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The CozyHood crescent-shaped cushion with integrated hood introduces a new way of traveling to everybody who can barely sleep on airplanes, bus journeys or any other kind of sleep-deprived situations.

✔ Crescent-Shaped Cushion With Integrated Hood
✔ Integrated Hood with Premium Strings
✔ Memory Foam Pillow
✔ Hand Washable
✔ Spot Clean
✔ Made for you

Due to its compact size and light weight in can easily be taken anywhere, no matter where you are or where you will be. The integrated hood has an extra large design to not only fit headphones but to give you the chance to leave the outside world. Sleep as if you’re in a cocoon in your own world of sleep. Just like its name says, the extremely comfortable memory foam will make the CozyHood the most comfy pillow you ever had. It is made of quality memory foam to provide you with the most comfortable pillow to sleep on. The integrated hood of the CozyHood pillow will give you some sleep even if your eyes flip open over and over again.

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